• Acts 6
  • 1 Timothy 5:17-18
  • 1 Timothy 3:8-13


Pray… for the different people and the roles they do at St Johns.

Day 325 – Peter – The first Deacons

The Deacon’s ministry frees up Elders to focus on the Word


  • Today’s short readings focus on the way that the early Christian church evolved to set up basic organisation structures to help with the smooth running of the local churches.
  • What was the problem identified in Acts 6? What were the disciples worried about?
  • What were the new people appointed to do, and what did that leave the disciples free to do?
  • Today’s title refers to deacons. Acts 6 doesn’t specifically mention this word, but the role described does fit part of the job of a deacon. What else do you think a deacon does? Check out how this job is understood amongst different denominations on Wikipedia.
  • Church leaders have more to do than just preach. What things do you think they have to do? Is it important that jobs are shared out? What jobs do you and your parents do to help in the smooth running of the church?
  • What different roles can you see at church, apart from the ones you see at the front on a Sunday morning?
  • Acts 6:7 is very encouraging. What were some priests – who previously challenged Jesus – now doing?
  • Despite that, what happened to Stephen? We’ll see what he had to say – and how things ended up for him – soon.
  • 1 Timothy 3 gives guidance for attributes and qualities of a deacon. As you read them, think about whether the things mentioned should be apply to anyone in public service in a church. Why is it important to be dignified, blameless, sober and in good standing, etc, when you’re doing work in the name of Jesus?


Have you ever thought about working in a church or doing wider ministry? You might not have thought much about work yet! But do you enjoy sharing God’s Word? Do you find understanding or explaining passages from a Bible something that you’re good at? Have you ever given a talk on a passage – perhaps at a youth event for younger children?


You might not have any particular expectations to go into full time ministry, but don’t dismiss it either. I know several people who have followed God’s calling to go into this area of work, and taking big pay cuts at the same time. It’s sacrificial work in many regards, but it’s also a wonderful privilege to lead somebody to faith.


Work in the ministry doesn’t always involve just becoming a vicar of course. Youth and children’s work, camp organisers, church organisational roles, charity and humanitarian work, missionary opportunities… you name it! Why not investigate whether you have the skills, and the gentle nudges from God, to think about these things?

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