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Day 326 – Day Off



A few years ago, I went to a murder mystery evening. It was great fun dressing up as “Cashanova” and flirting my way through the night as a gambling, womanising cad.


On that night I wore a metaphorical mask. I pretended to be someone I wasn’t (well, mostly!).


How much of a mask do we all really wear in our own lives? How much of what we show other people is the real us, and how much is hiding our real thoughts and struggles?


It might seem odd to say so, in today’s anti-Christian age, but one of the easiest masks to wear is our “Christian at church” mask. The model Christian, the helper at events, the regular attender, the pray-out-louder.


I hope as we continue to read Acts you’ll be convicted of the brutal clarity of the faith of the early apostles. No fakery here. When they sang, they meant the words they were praising with. When they said they wanted to share the Word with the Gentiles, they did up their shoe buckles and went out. When they say they lived for God, their lives backed it up.


Can I encourage you, as we plough on through the latter half of the New Testament, to be honest with yourself, and with me, about how you’re doing about living out the teaching we’ve had over the last 10 1/2 months? I don’t mean confessing your sin to me, or anything like that. I’m challenging your hearts and your convictions. What’s changed in your life because of One Story? Are you looking forward to whatever you do next year to continue building up your relationship with Christ? Does your mind marvel at the depth of the gospel message and yearn to know more? Or are you counting down the days until you can put your bible back on your shelf?


My greatest prayer for you, lovely people, is that this isn’t all just smoke, mirrors, nodding heads and answering questions. Don’t just wear the Christianity suit. Don’t be doing this just for the bragging rights.


Do it for Jesus. Live for him. Put him first. When you read the words on the pages of your Bible, remember that you are reading the words of the Creator Eternal. Marvel at that. Wonder at His grace.


Be transformed.

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