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Day 333 – Day Off



Afternoon everyone. This weekend last year I was sat in a flat in London, having a quiet morning sharing breakfast with some old university friends. The evening before we went out visiting some sights in the city and had a curry together. I hope when you go to university you make good friends and enjoy having similar reunions… once covid-19 is a distant memory!


It got me thinking about Paul’s journeys that we’ll be thinking about over the next few weeks. I often meander down to London for 36 hours, something that would have seemed mad 100 years ago. What about 2,000 years ago? Paul’s journeys really are mind boggling. His passion for the gospel led him to walking to Europe and back several times, knowing that he would face persecution at every step, not curry and breakfast!


If you’re at the stage where One Story is just feeling like a weight of pressure upon you (and it shouldn’t), do consider the way that Paul lived out what he knew about the Truth of the bible. It wasn’t a bit of his life on a wet Sunday afternoon – it *was* his life.

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