• Revelation 19:1-10
  • Matthew 22:1-14
  • 2 Corinthians 11:1-4


Pray… that you will be at the great wedding feast we read about today.

Day 358 – Revelation & the Marriage Supper

Jesus Christ will marry His bride, the Church

7 days to go!


  • After yesterday’s rather distressing passages, the focus today changes to one of joyful celebration, where we see all the people who have been redeemed from evil coming together praising and rejoicing at a wonderful marriage supper.
  • What happens in today’s passages in Revelation? Who do you think are the “great multitude” who are crying out with worship to God?
  • What words of worship are used? In Revelation 19:1-5, what are the crowds praising Jesus for? How does the praise change in the later verses?
  • What do you think the wedding feast might be like? Try picturing it in your head. What sort of things would you have at a feast if you had the choice?
  • We’ve not read it in today’s passages, but you would do well to flick to verses Ephesians 5:30-32 and remind yourself of them. What is earthly marriage a symbol of?
  • Marriage is ultimately about Christ and His Church. We read about this marriage in Revelation 19:6-10. We – saved followers of Jesus – are the bride. How are we pictured? What connections can you see between human marriage and the marriage supper of Jesus and His people in Revelation 19?
  • We’ve read the words in Matthew earlier in this readings plan. You should remember the parable. There are some stark words in there, aren’t there? Jesus, the bridegroom, has invited us to this great celebration in heaven, but we have to accept His offer. What will it be like for those who don’t? We’re very close to the end of our reading plan. Have you accepted Christ’s invitation in your life?
  • In earthly marriage, men are called to give themselves up for their wives. Ephesians describes men as having a leadership role, yes, but it’s a sacrificial role too. How did Jesus perfectly picture that for his bride, the Church?


As you enjoy Christmas Eve festivities tonight, if you’re having them, and as you look forward to tomorrow’s exciting events, take a step back for thirty seconds and contemplate that despite everything that’s happening, and all the good things we get to enjoy at this time of year, it’s going to be nothing – *nothing* – in comparison to the feast we can look forward to when we are united to Jesus at this awesome moment. Are you looking forward to it?


Remember that the bible doesn’t talk about Heaven like a nice fairytale, or a Christmassy film. It’s not something empty to look forward to, like Father Christmas, with no real purpose other than to give people a warm feeling. As Christians we believe that there is real truth in the words we’re reading. When Christ died for us He saved us from death, but more than that, He brought us to something more glorious than we can imagine: a wedding feast and a joyful promise of life eternal. True, satisfying, eternal life. I hope you’ll be mightily encouraged by today’s passages!

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